Do we need more standards in CAE Interoperability?

Everywhere we turn, there are discussions about MCAD Interoperability. Sometimes, it’s extended to include “CAE” Interoperability. But, I think its fair to say, most are referring to CAD and geometry. There are a variety of solutions and standards … [Continue reading]

Autodesk Simulation Flex: An Evolution of the Cloud

It’s no secret, Autodesk believes in the cloud. We’ve spoken about the benefits- computation, collaboration, storage, access etc. No other team has embraced the paradigm shift as much as the Simulation Group. We have been releasing, learning, … [Continue reading]

The Key to the Cloud for CAE is Elasticity


There are a number of changes and advancements going on in CAE. No other has had more controversy and impact than the introduction of the cloud. Many new vendors have sprung onto the market to offer an attractive alternative to desktop CAE. In … [Continue reading]

Mechanical FEA is in its Infancy


Although Mechanical FEA has been around for 50+ years, we are just scratching the surface of the potential and the real impact it will have on modern day design and engineering. Likely there are a number of people in the FEA world or at large … [Continue reading]

How do you manage your CAE Simulation data?


Those of us that have implemented Simulation into our design process quickly feel the pain of “big data”. Whether you are running a few simple simulations or conducting intensive optimizations on large models, you quickly realize you have a large … [Continue reading]

The World Cup Simulated

The world is revving up for an exciting month of “futbol” (soccer) with the official kickoff of the World Cup in Brazil. Interestingly enough, we've done a bit of simulation work around aerodynamics of different ball designs. I did a bit of digging … [Continue reading]

Next Generation Geometry Handling System for Simulation from Autodesk


Creating geometry for simulation is one of the more challenging barriers we face as a Simulation Community. There are some companies that are diligent enough to build the geometry in their CAD system so that meshing is fairly straight forward. … [Continue reading]

Autodesk Simulation: The Power of Community


The landscape of the CAE Simulation market has changed quite a bit over the last ten years. We went from ~15 major CAE vendors to just about a handful. Some of are focused solely on CAE Simulation and many others are part of a larger PLM … [Continue reading]

The Power of Visualization in CAE Simulation

The end result in any CAE Simulation revolves around conveying our results graphically. Whether it be a 2D graph or a high fidelity 3D visual image. Historically, in Simulation, we tend to be on the conservative side as we are focused on accuracy and … [Continue reading]

Autodesk Nastran added to a Simulation Mechanical Update

Autodesk has recently acquired certain assets of NEi Software. This is a big move toward a broader strategy that will unfold in the coming months. However, we decided to not make a formal announcement until we are ready to unveil specific parts of … [Continue reading]